Review of website -

Ease of use

Most people who use the internet aren’t experts in setting up search strategies to locate information. Neither do they want to spend time scrolling through pages of results. I did a quick search, using Explorer, Firefox and Webcrawler, and brought up carinsurancefor1day's website on the second page of results for each browser.

Individuals, needing car insurance for a day, would probably obtain the necessary information from one of the earlier hits. To remain competitive, a business needs to appear within the first few results. Possibly, adding relevant keywords to site's title, headings and content and using meta tags could give the page greater visibility.

You might want to check that your site and its features work well in a variety of browsers. There is a useful publication on Google’s website, called Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide, that details some of the best practices associated with website design.


The page has plenty of white space, which I like. If a webpage is too cluttered, it makes for difficult reading. In my opinion, the graphics are too large and somewhat unprofessional. I noticed that Car Insurance For the Day has 2 sites on Foxfire. The graphic for one site featured a woman with a car. This could give the impression that the site is targeting women specifically. A photograph or several small photographs, showing both sexes and a variety of age groups, is more appropriate for a business website.


re there too many tabs, providing the client too much information? The content is very wordy and sometimes confusing. It could be simplified. Perhaps bullets could be used to identify relevant points, and definitions supplied for some terms eg. “a reasonable driving record”. Proofreading is essential to eliminate grammatical errors.


There is no contact information on the home page. FAQs are good, but for answers to some questions a link to a chat line or a Skype phone number is invaluable.